After the November attack Tether launches new platform

After the end of the safety Tether, which was stolen tokens equivalent to $ 31 million, the developers have announced the launch of a new platform.

This week on the Tether website issued a statement, which reported on the development platform with new services and new wallet addresses. According to the developers, creating a platform to do with what happened in the last month cyber attack.

In November, the attacker hacked hot wallet Tether, carrying almost 31 million tokens. The developers of the Omni Protocol is used to issue tokens Tether, has released a new version of Omni customer Core. It stolen tokens were added to the black list to not allow the attacker to spend it.

According to the team Tether, thus it protected its users from the repetition of such attacks.

«This step was not done by accident and allowed the Tether to protect against any possible failures in the ecosystem in the future to protect all the community,» the statement said.

After the incident, the Tether team has strictly limited the functions of the service wallets, this week, however, the restrictions will be removed and users will be able to start withdrawing funds.

The impossibility of direct purchases and sales

However, until the company brings its services to a new platform, new user registrations on the platform suspended, as well as direct buying and selling tokens. During this period, the company encourages customers to use tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Currently, the company is updating the terms of service with the wishes of the community. In particular, tokens Tether now will be fully recoverable for verified customers of the platform, with the exception of cases related to terrorism or legal restrictions.

It is also reported that the company Friedman LLP continues to carry out a full audit of the assets of the Tether, and that the test results must prove the accuracy of the published on the website Tether information.

«All assumptions to the contrary are unsubstantiated and unfounded, says the company, responding to criticisms about insolvency Tether and that tokens are used to create an artificial increase in the price of bitcoin.

And finally, the most interesting — Tether plans to refuse to provide services to exchange their tokens to US citizens. Meanwhile, Americans make up a significant portion of the cryptocurrency community, and the rejection of such a large number of customers looks weird, even more so. what USDT are used by a number of exchanges as a substitute for the dollar. Unknown at this time how to handle existing balances Tether belonging to citizens of the United States. In the community this news has caused hot discussion, strengthening the suspicions of opacity Tether policy and ensuring its tokens with real dollars.

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