Against BitConnect filed another lawsuit

An American resident of Kentucky Brian Paige filed a lawsuit against BitConnect International, LTD BitConnect, Bitconnect Trading LTD and responsible for the promotion of the project Ryan Maasen. Paige accuses Bitconnect in creating a Ponzi scheme and requires to recover the losses due to the sharp depreciation of the BCC.

According to page, the creators BitConnect presented the project very attractive for investors, promised 3000% return per year or 40% per month, but warned investors about the possible loss of funds for various reasons.

However, Paige argues that the official warning Bitconnect was not told about the possible closure of the platform. Now Paige is required to pay damages to all investors who lost money after the closure of the crypto currency exchange.

Bitconnect cryptocurrency project that has been repeatedly accused of creating a financial pyramid, in fact, stopped work on January 16. The cost of the token within one day has fallen by more than 90%, despite the statements of the developers about the plans to resuscitate and restart the project. Last week in the us state of Florida has already been registered a class action suit by former investors for Bitconnect.

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