Against Roger’s Faith is preparing a class action lawsuit for fraud

A group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is considering the possibility of filing an action against the owner Roger Faith. According to them, he intentionally misleads novice investors using confusion among newcomers between bitcoin and bedesem (Bitcoin to Cash), which in August 2017 appeared in the hard forks of Bitcoin.

Possible class-action lawsuit organized by Twitter user @MoneyTrigz, who is co-owner The claim being discussed in the chat Telegram entitled « — a lawsuit/victim» ( lawsuit/victims), to which may be joined by any user. Chat is already over 444 participants, but it is unclear how many of them are planning to join the lawsuit.

Ver was one of the early investors in bitcoin startups. He previously supported the original Bitcoin, but after hard forks of Bitcoin Cash prefer this cryptocurrency.

Criticism: Ver «deceiving consumers»

According to Wallet Investor, Ver intentionally abusing the name «bitcoin» on its website who sells bitcoin and bitches to fool gullible investors and provoke them to purchase the «wrong» of bitcoin.

«Given that the site is called and is also a place for the sale of bitcoin, bitchesa and contracts for cloud mining, it can potentially mislead novice investors and newcomers, forcing them to buy «not the» bitcoin».

This is not the first case when the users of cryptocurrencies condemn the questionable marketing tactics of Faith. In February 2018 Guttentag Misha (Misha Guttentag), graduate of the law Department of Yale University, called Coinbase to stop selling bitcache for the same reason as described above. Guttentag said Roger Ver is a fraud, which is «deceiving consumers» by using unethical advertising Bitcoin Cash.

«Bitcoin Cash (BCH) sells itself as a bitcoin (BTC), thereby deceiving consumers who think that buying bitcoin at a lower price,» wrote Guttentag on Medium. «His supporters to use at least three sites to carry out this fraud, Reddit (r/BTC) and Twitter (@Bitcoin)».

Guttentag also said: «Bitcoin is Cash (BCH) intentionally misleads consumers who think that buying bitcoin. The longer it stays in Coinbase, the more it seems that Coinbase endorses this Scam». Guttentag reinforced his point, noting that the logo is almost identical to the Bitcoin Cash bitcoin. «I think consumers can easily tell them apart? «he puzzled.

Mike Guttentag said novice investors are easily fooled, and this kind of blatant fraud undermines the image of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

«The big problem is that when user cheat when making such a simple operation as you think it will affect his attitude to the industry?» asked Guttentag. «I think he will remain in Cryptoprotected to invest next? I doubt it. I think investors will feel cheated and will never invest in digital assets. It’s terrible for the young, emerging industry.»

Roger Ver has not commented on the possible lawsuit.

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