Alibaba launches cloud mining platform

According to the publication CCN, referring to anecdotal information from local media, China’s largest company working in the field of Internet Commerce, Alibaba Group, cautiously without any PR campaigns and other publicity, have launched a platform for cryptocurrency mining.

News portal Tencent News also reported that on October 10, 2017 conglomerate Alibaba has registered based in Nanjing platform “P2P Nodes”:

«Alibaba has recently launched a platform for mining cryptocurrency called «P2P Nodes». Under the terms of the service agreement, the main operating Alibaba platform is East China Ltd.», — reports Tencent.

It is assumed that the operations on the platform will be made in favor of third parties, which involves the provision to clients of services of cloud computing and the ability to rent the hash power. Mining activities crypto currency that eventually may be included in the core functionality of the platform of Alibaba.

Local sources reported that Alibaba Group is very serious and careful with his new project. Withdrawal of cash will be carried out only with service Alipay. Other ways of the withdrawal, according to the contract of service impossible.

It is noteworthy that the information appeared on the background of a new wave of tightening regulation of the cryptocurrency market and mining business by the Chinese authorities.

It is possible that the government can completely ban the cryptocurrency transactions, although so far all these rumors remained unconfirmed. Similar initiatives have been undertaken by the head of the people’s Bank of China, pan Gunsan (Pan Gongsheng).

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