Amaury Sechet spoke about the future of Bitcoin Cash

In bitcoin conference «Satoshi Vision», which was held in Tokyo, was attended by many industry players and the developers discussing the future of cryptocurrencies and their development. In the event, Amaury Sechet (Amaury Séchet), a leading developer of the Bitcoin client ABC, gave an interview and spoke about his vision for the future of Bitcoin Cash, which he highlighted in her presentation at the conference.

«In General, I was talking about what direction I would like to see the development of a network of Bitcoin Cash. First, I spoke about the value of our project to explain to people what we want to achieve. I then explained how we would like to see the development of the project – I talked about many things, but perhaps the most important was the points about instant confirmation and scaling… those problems that probably can never be solved,» says Cuts.

Alternative implementations

Flogs expressed his opinion about other teams — Bitcoin Unlimited and Parity that have been released by alternative customers for BCH. Lead developer of Bitcoin ABC believes that the existence of multiple implementations is good, because they are pushing each other to «work honestly» and to develop.

«One of the things that we have done in the first place – we made sure that the client and the coins are two separate identifier, so that other customers could also be released. And very quickly the team Bitcoin Unlimited has released a compatible client — I think it’s great, because if one of the clients will begin to foul play, he will start to lose market share, while the other will own a share. This forces everyone to play by the rules and work honestly,» — said Whips.

Flogs says that having multiple clients allows to regulate the industry, calling miners analogous to the police or the justice system.

«It is important to have several implementations for two reasons. First, for technical reasons — if one implementation has a bug, due to another client you can support the work of the network,» says Cuts. «The second reason is social. The implementation can be compared with the government in the real world, people who write client – with legislators. Law is code, and we write the law, and the miners play the role of law enforcement. You want the legislators were honest, and one of the problems with traditional government — monopoly. So if you have more than one implementation, it promotes fair play. If one of the implementations does not work according to the rules, people are switching to another client».

In an interview with the developer also talked about opcode, «colored coins» and how plans to give Bitcoin Cash «characteristics Ethereum». In his opinion, OP-codes and the technology of «colored coin» can bring smart contracts to the network BCH.

The full interview with Amory by Seciton in English can be viewed here.

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