Amazon Technologies will use the Bitcoin to market of streaming data

Amazon Technologies, daughter of the giant e-Commerce Amazon has received a patent for solution for streaming market data, which will allow users to get data of cryptocurrency transactions in real-time.

The patent describes a system in which individuals and organizations can put a data flow for sale on a subscription basis.

The statement says that developers can create tools for real-time monitoring, removing exceptions and generate alerts, make recommendations and create other business or operating decisions in real-time.

Amazon offers some potential use cases solutions to market, including analysis of site traffic, marketing and financial information, data about social networks and others. One of the use cases directly focused on the cryptocurrency market.

Thus, individual data streams, for example, transactional data of cryptocurrency, by themselves, may not represent value. However, the combination of such data with additional sources can make them more valuable.

«The group of electronic or online stores that take bitcoin transaction can have the shipping address to reflect the address of bitcoin. Electronic retailers can combine the delivery address with the data of bitcoin transactions to generate correlated data, and publish these combined data stream», – stated in the description to the patent.

The authors of the solutions are also talking about the potential attractiveness of the market for law enforcement.

«For example, law enforcement may be its customers and may want to get a global transaction bitcoins correlated across countries, with the data of ISP to determine the source IP addresses and shipping addresses that correlate to address bitcoins», – they emphasize.


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