Amazon Web Services released a template to create networks blockchain

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced the templates to create their own decentralized applications on the Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric that provides a quick and easy way to deploy secure networks blockchain is open source. The company announced on its website.

The technology of the blockchain allows you to create applications in which several parties can record transaction without the intermediation of a Central authority, ensuring the safety of the transactions and their validation. Transactions are immutable and verifierade independently.

Templates AWS enables users to deploy model of Ethereum, and Hyperledger with certified AWS CloudFormation templates. Users can focus on building blockchain applications instead of wasting time and energy on manually setting up your network blockchain. The Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric propose distributed algorithms consensus, the functionality of smart contracts and controlled access.

Templates AWS deploy the model of the blockchain that a user selects as a container in the cluster Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) or directly via EC2 running Docker. The user creates the network of the blockchain in its own Amazon VPC, which gives him the ability to use access control lists to the network and VPC subnet. The user can assign detailed permissions using AWS IAM to restrict the list of resources that can access model of the Amazon EC2 cluster Amazon ECS.

Users can visit the page «getting started» to start using the AWS templates Blockchain. The use of templates at no additional charge. The user pays only for the AWS resources needed to run their network blockchain.

AWS partners with financial institutions and blockchain-companies in order to stimulate innovation and support for experimentation. In 2016, AWS announced a partnership with Digital Currency Group within the development platform that will allow companies to experiment with the technology of the blockchain.

For more information about templates available in the AWS blog AWS in the page
templates AWS Blockchain and documentation
templates AWS Blockchain.

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