American universities run courses on cryptocurrency

2018 promises to be the year of Bitcoin in a University environment – more and more institutions add educational courses on cryptocurrencies.

Graduate school of business at Stanford University in mid-may, runs the full course on cryptocurrencies. The new rate came after a coordinated campaign of MBA students, who believe innovative concept vital to their future career. «Many of us will have to face bloccano at work. It makes sense to study it,» explained sophomore Itamar Orr (Orr Itamar). «This will give us a competitive advantage and will become our secret weapon.»

A group of students approached the school administration with a request to add a full course with the full number of credits, as previously, these subjects were taught briefly and very superficially. When Stanford opened the registration for the course, high demand for visits confirmed its relevance — registration was closed with over fifty candidates in the waiting list.

Susan Atai (Susan Athey), Professor, which will lead a new course, said:

«The price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies all hypnotized like this happened? People are well earned or lost much, and it certainly captures and attracts great interest, encouraging students to study the situation.»

Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania also the first to launch course on cryptocurrencies, this fall. Professor Kevin Werbach (Kevin Werbach) said,

«We are at a point where lots of people want to study this subject. In the foreseeable future, cryptocurrency will be a real phenomenon in business, and in five years, all major business schools added such courses».

Not only are the students asked to add courses on cryptocurrencies in the program, but also representatives of industry. John Jacobs (John Jacobs), Director Macdonough school of business at Georgetown University, said he constantly receives calls from wall street recruiters from consulting firms that say, «You need to teach students. We need people to understand how to apply the technology of the blockchain». He added that «Any major business school should tell students about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Today, they are everywhere.»

In February it was reported that courses on cryptocurrency and the blockchain are becoming increasingly popular among American and European students. Future graduates believe that the knowledge of these innovative technologies will help their future career.


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