An Interview with Alexander Shishow, CEO of NVB (Native Video Box)

Native Video Box is on its way to change the way people host and share videos. The platfrom, referred to as NVB in short is leveraging the blockchain technology to create a holistic monetary ecosystem for video content industry. In order to gain a better understanding of the platform we spoke to Alexander Shishow, the CEO of NVB.

NewsBTC: NVB, sounds like a great concept. Can you please let us know how it is different from the already existing video sharing platforms?

Alexander: If we look at YouTube or its competitors like Vimeo or DailyMotion for instance, we will find out that any particular video, most of them, can be embedded to third party webpage. Of course, they run ads before content, but usually that ‘third-party web page’ does not get any advertising revenue. NVB aims at changing every element in this game. We choose relevant videos automatically and share advertising revenues between ‘third-party webpage’ and video content creators.

NewsBTC: Can you explain what exactly do you mean when you say NVB is a decentralized platform?

Alexander: We deliver videos on the web pages, so there was a moment when we considered using third-party video content delivery networks. But it’s really expensive. So, we decided to create decentralised content delivery network, maintained by the community. Being the part of our video cloud storage, publishers can host videos and earn some extra money from it.

NewsBTC: How does NVB plan to build its community?

Alexander: With NVB any video creator, even inexperienced, can instantly gain traffic for the video and get paid for it. It’s a unique opportunity on the market right now.

NewsBTC: Would you like to give a brief overview of the platform to our readers?

Alexander: Sure. From publisher’s perspective NVB is a widget that can be easily installed on a website. It’s a widget that shows videos to the audience and provides bundled monetization solution.

From advertisers’ perspective, it’s a video content discovery platform that provides unique and high-quality instream video inventory with the transparent tokenized economy.

NewsBTC: Are you planning for any tie-ups or partnerships? Anything in place already?

Alexander: Yes, first of all we have already gathered some advertising demand providers (BetweenX, Dynovid and Vispot). We also have commitments with startups (Adhive, for instance) and some video content aggregators and video bloggers. Publishers and networks are also welcome. Unfortunately, I can’t disclose more for now – stay tuned for updates on our website!

NewsBTC: How much are you planning to raise during the ICO? What will the funds be used for?

Alexander: We are planning to raise 15M USD during our ICO, but we also will be content with a smaller sum (e.g. 3M USD). This will mean a slower pace of development for us, but still it won’t prevent us from reaching our goals!

NewsBTC: Tell us about your team

Alexander: Native Video Box brings together a dream-team of experienced professionals from AdTech, community management, and blockchain.

For instance, Petr Kozyakov, NVB IR Director is a Strategic Partnerships professional with 10+ years of experience in banking and finances. Andrey Smirnov is a machine learning and artificial intelligence pro with 10+ years of experience. Among our advisers is Julian Zegelman, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, whose previous successful ICOs include Starta ICO, Suretly,, Blackmoon Crypto, Cindicator, and ParagonCoin.

NewsBTC: Anything else you would like our readers to know about NVB?

Alexander: Our mission is to bring value to all ecosystem participants, from user to advertiser. We have reinvented content discovery: we deliver people videos they will love, but never knew existed.

Native Video Box aims at changing the game for all market players. While offering transparent revenue share, we will fight fraud with help of multi-tier blockchain. We invite everyone to join us in creating the future of advertising, which you can do by purchasing NVB tokens, placing your video content on our network or installing our widget on your websites.

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