Ana Bhardvadzh will speak at the conference Crypto Lady 28 APR

Ana Bhardvadzh, founder of Women INVESTING in Women digital is a digital media platform focused on women and investments with increased focus on the blockchain will visit Moscow on 28 April 2018. Ana Bhardvadzh engaged in international business development for professionals in the field of private equity, for women in the field of direct investment, senior women entrepreneurs, crowdfunding, blockchain and cryptocurrency initiatives targeted to women. Bhardvadzh invested in 17 of the ICO (including Celius, BlockChain Terminal, CashBet, COSS, AirSwap, AirToken, Civic) through cryptoland, based in Canada, and currently runs the Global Fund, the blockchain, with an emphasis on women.

“Women INVESTING in Women DIGITAL is proud to be working with Crypto Lady in strengthening the influence of women in the global cryptocurrency markets. The company Qrypto Queens are now ready to increase the coverage in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe, thanks to the cooperation with the Association of Crypto Lady. The founder of the company Ana Bhardvadzh is proud to be working with Anastasiya Pilipchuk, and with a brilliant team in attracting women from different parts around the world for a new global economy for women.”

Read more on the conference website.

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