Analyst Grayscale: zcash for reaches $ 60,000 by 2025

Analyst investment firms Grayscale behind the Fund, the Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC: GBTC) owned by Barry Silbert, has predicted that the price may reach zcash for $ 60,000 in 2025, if investors will start using it instead of the traditional offshore banking services.

Last week, the Grayscale Investments published investment return
for zcash for Trust — one of the last of the company’s funds in a range of investment products based on cryptocurrencies.

In a 20-page Declaration Grayscale analyst Matthew Beck (Matthew Beck) writes that zcash for may be «the first available in the world of «offshore» investment opportunity» — «Swiss Bank account in your pocket». Beck notes that in recent years the offshore banking sector has declined, partly due to the «increased pressure in the area of tax evasion and increasing competition».

It also notes that the zcash for — cryptocurrency focused on privacy, not only to fill the void left by the shrinking of the offshore banking sector, but also to provide this opportunity to everyone, not just the rich elite. According to his calculations, the zcash for the price can rise significantly if the asset will be able to get even a small percentage of funds is being kept in offshore accounts.

Due to only 1% of the world’s offshore capital price zcash for have to reach 6 $ 289, which is more than 15 times its current value. If zcash for move 10% of offshore capital, its price will increase to 62 893 dollars.

It would be a significant achievement, especially given the fact that the zcash for facing stiff competition from Monero: the market capitalization of the latter are currently three times more than the zcash for that contributes to its active dissemination on the darknet markets.

In addition, innovations such as the Bulletproofs
and Lightning Network can increase the privacy of bitcoin transactions and eventually reduce the demand for altcoins that focus on privacy.

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