Analysts: Google is blocking cryptocurrency to advance his token

According to experts, the decision by Google to ban advertising of crypto-currencies on their platforms is not so much the desire to confront the spread of information that could be used for criminal purposes, but with the intention in the future to introduce its own crypto currency and start promoting it.

Previously, the Corporation announced plans to build a token based on the technology of the blockchain, and in may was offered the job of Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin.

«I understand that Facebook and Google are under great pressure because of the desire to regulate what users read them, but they still advertise gambling sites and the same seems to be forbidden things,» – said General Director of investment company Blackmore Group Phillip Nunn.

«I suspect that the advertising ban is part of a potential plan to implement their own crypto-currencies on the market in the near future. The failure to distribute ads on other cryptocurrencies allows them to do it on their terms,» – says the analyst.

Google representatives declined to comment on the speculation, but in March, the company confirmed that it has several groups of developers who are exploring the possibilities of application of technology of the distributed registry.

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