Anatoly Aksakov: a bill to cryptocurrency does not provide benefits for mining

The head of Committee of the State Duma on the financial market Anatoly Aksakov said about the position of developers of the future law regulating the use of cryptocurrency.

«We have two bills that will regulate this market in different planes. One is directly connected with the instruction of the President on formation of legislation on the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the second with the implementation of the idea of crowdfunding, which is applied in particular on the subject of cryptocurrencies. Since we installed the cryptocurrency as property, all rules of law related to his Declaration, taxation and so forth, will operate automatically,» he said.

Aksakov underlines the importance of coincidence of the regulation the ICO when using a Fiat currency regulation ICO when using CryptoStream.

«Suggestions RAKIB also about crowd funding, but they have their own ideology: they are more tied up this issue with the development of small and medium business, and want ICO to prescribe a change in legislation on SMEs», – said the official.

According to Aksakov, in the first reading officials want to simultaneously introduce two bills which were prepared with the participation of the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance.He also stressed the need to declare a crypto-currency, given that it will determine how property:

«All MPs, civil servants and so on have to declare their property, which they own, the cryptocurrency will also need to declare. No new rules to prescribe is not necessary, just need the law to prescribe that the property. This applies to cryptocurrencies, which will be purchased and posted outside the Russian jurisdiction.»

Aksakov confirmed the position of the Ministry of Finance, which acts for the admission of cryptocurrencies for trading on the exchange.

«Many of our citizens now purchase cryptostroma and get themselves into trouble when the money they give, and cryptostroma can not buy. On the one hand is the risk of citizens, on the other – we still have to defend them a certain way. And if this purchase will occur through a legal site, then the number of scams associated with this market are much reduced. Since the Russian market is the real appeal of these tools, it is important in some way to prescribe primarily presenting claims to the sites and exchangers, which carry out such operations», – he said.

The Finance Ministry believes that such areas must be exchange. As a possible variants of such sites are now considered the St. Petersburg commodity exchange, Moscow exchange, RTS.

«The Central Bank focuses on the Moscow exchange. Perhaps at the St. Petersburg commodity exchange, but now is more willing to work with Moscow. Although it may just be spelled out criteria that must be met for the site, and then have who will fall, he will be», – said the official.

The ratings of ICO projects, he called the future, because the rankings – it isn’t cheap.

«With regard to scoring, i.e., criteria that have already developed the Russian venture company for selection of projects, and can be, at the first stage it is limited. If the project meets the criteria of the venture capital project has already been spent, so it can be used to raise funds through the procedure. ICO», – said Aksakov.

About the special projects the Ministry of Finance believes that the need to limit the amount of investment of legal entities in ICO.

«I think here also it is necessary to act in stages. We need to see how it will work, test it, and then as you implement ideas to move on».

Aksakov also stressed the inadvisability of granting tax exemptions for miners that will heat somehow excess heat nearby residential buildings.

«I think there are no preferences in mining should not be, they should work within the framework of the tax law and other systems of regulation, like any normal business. And this is not a social project, any benefits should not be here. But as do produce a lot of heat, it can be sold, and I admit that the surplus would be happy to buy housing. This can be an alternative way of heat supply, and relatively cheap, as for the miners is a by-product. This is normal, it is a business and they can make money on it», – he said.

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