Andreas Antonopoulos: «free» coins are forks of Bitcoin threatened with loss of anonymity

Well-known blogger and Bitcoin enthusiast Andreas Antonopoulos warned holders of bitcoins about the «high price» they pay for receipt of the forks of the blockchain coins, claiming that they are not «free money», as is commonly believed.

Speaking during an online Q&A session Antonopulos said he «never» received cryptocurrency, introduced in the framework of the hard forks of Bitcoin, which was available to those who owned bitcoins at the time of the fork.

«For «giveaways» (airdrops) have to pay a very heavy price, in particular talking about the loss of confidentiality,» he said.

The owners of bitcoin could benefit from a few forks of the original chain BTC several times during 2017. For Cash Bitcoin, the first major hardforum, followed by others in which there are «free coins», which could apply to users who owned BTC at the time of the fork.

Among these coins, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin and other Super. And not all ppl were successfully run, duplicating the balance of the user.

«What happens if you try to cash one of those coins? Most people are going to do is a very primitive method that combines all UTXL in a single transaction. Congratulations, you just linked all of these addresses,» explained Antonopoulos. «… Believe me, intelligence agencies, analytical companies and everyone who wants to analyze the data, watching the industry, and now they know exactly what you have and which addresses belong to you.»

Antonopoulos added:

«If any of these addresses ever associated with the exchange or a dealer who follows the rules of KYC… all these addresses are now linked to your personality — is the high price you pay for getting «free coins».

Although the free distribution of coins, known as «air assault» (airdrops), became something of a fashion trend in the industry of cryptocurrency since the second half of 2017, the authorities have already started to issue its own warnings about the legal consequences of interaction with them. U.S. regulators in February said
at the meeting of the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC), which they will continue to monitor the activities of companies and other market participants, offering digital tokens, and the tax liabilities for the cryptocurrency exchanges will become more serious.

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