Announced first recipients of grants under the program Fund Ethereum developers

The Ethereum project is providing support to application developers and smart contracts. Fund Ethereum provides developers with research results, tools and assists in training. And although the ecosystem has reached a certain development, there is still a very long way and grants should be a significant incentive for developers.

Moreover, the Fund believes that the grant system will indicate to the community at the missing elements in the ecosystem, which will require additional efforts. In other words, the mission of the Foundation Ethereum is to support groups and individual researchers working on in order to prevent the «tragedy of the Commons» (widely used in game theory concept, describes the contradictions between the interests of individuals about the benefits of shared use).

In 2018 the major community effort focusing on how to make the Ethereum scalable, easy to use and reliable. Therefore, despite the fact that the program grantmaking initially focused exclusively on scalability, we have made a decision about its expansion projects, working on scaling, ease of use and security. Projects-the recipients do not spend the ICO and other types of tomenselo, and focus on creating useful products.

  • Scaling implies any form of implementation of sharding, project, Plasma, channels state, as existing teams and individuals. It may be some form of optimization geth/parity, or the creation of alternative clients.

  • Ease of use – using developers, for example, analytical and statistical software, templates developers mobile SDK (tools for developers), documentation (including video tutorials), development in the field of languages Solidity/Vyper, or a new application, useful for end users, for example, wallets.

  • Security
    – audit existing contracts, creating instruments that detect and correct mistakes, work on the languages of the second level with a focus on security.

The Foundation also invites to cooperation wishing to contribute to the solution of problems of UX (User Experience). Possible areas: key management, payment interfaces, in General, all that helps widespread adoption. The Fund stands ready to Fund such projects.

Finally, as a reminder of the early days of the Ethereum project, when enthusiasts wrote the code in his spare time, the Fund establishes special grant «hacternship» for community members who can offer useful project for the ecosystem.

Grants range from $1.5 million to study technology channel state of the company’s Research to L4, for example, $10,000 for the developer Alex Komarov on the study of the UX control keys.

After the grants may be followed by additional funding and/or cooperation.

This is only the beginning: the grant program continues, the Fund Ethereum is looking for new ideas and offers to apply for new grants.

A full list of recipients

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