Anonymous group attacks bitPico Lightning Network

Anonymous group of miners bitPico confirmed rumors that she is conducting attacks on the network of payment channels Lightning Network, which entered into beta testing.

Attack bitPico – exploit network associated with the denial of service one of a variety of DoS attacks has been almost two weeks and according to the attacker «is altruistic in nature.» Assets remain safe, and the method of attack causes the attackers to spend their own money on the use of the network through payment channels.

According to the developers Network Lightning they do not consider the actions bitPico as a serious problem, on the contrary – attacks allow you to identify potential weaknesses in current implementations of software code. This gives developers the ability to find solutions now, when Lightning Network used mostly tech-savvy users. Such errors and security holes should be fixed before Lightning Network will be ready for mass use.

In November 2017, the network appeared the threatening letter from BitPico intention to SegWit2x even after the main supporters of the hard forks released a joint statement about its cancellation due to the lack of agreement in the community.

After a few days, a group of unknown miners, as expected, announced the termination of actions in this direction.

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