Anonymous messenger ADAMANT on an independent blockchain holds ICO

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Each user of the mobile Internet and the emergence of such an important for humanity technologies, such as exchange of information through instant messages, turned the messengers in one of the most popular and convenient ways of communication. Competition in the market of instant messengers today is higher than ever, and new apps come out almost every day.

The presence of such a large number of messengers gives the user the ability to select the most appropriate for all the requested parameters of the service. At the same time, taking into account various events occurring in the world, and data transmission security for most users of electronic devices becomes a priority requirement to use messenger.

Today, a mobile app that provides a messaging service, promises users a protection for their messages of varying degrees of reliability. However, to check how secure is the transmitted data of the user is impossible, because in most cases code messenger is closed and it is impossible to ensure the absence in the code «bookmark», through which information may be disclosed to third parties. In addition, most of the messengers stores the user’s data and all correspondence made on your server that accesses your address book and other personal data stored on the mobile device, identificeret user using the telephone number, email address or account in social networks. None of what anonymity here cannot go and speeches.

Whether it is possible today to communicate on the Internet anonymously? Yes, it makes it possible for the messenger of ADAMANT, the creators of which are going to make a revolution in a safe and anonymous Internet communication.

The concept of the project ADAMANT

Data protection and anonymity – two key pillars on which is built the concept of the messenger of ADAMANT. The project was created to address issues of privacy and security of data provided by users and transmitted them via message within the used messenger.

ADAMANT is a system for the transmission of messages and data based on independent secure blockchain that is accessible from any device. In ADAMANT integrated payment system that allows you to pay and transfer the token directly within the chat.

ADAMANT is useful for business communications. So, corporate messaging and documents ADAMANT the Business will provide an opportunity for the implementation of their digital signature, and integrated payment system will reduce internal transaction costs. Thus, the ADAMANT combines security, anonymity and convenience.

In developing the draft ADAMANT its creators came from the belief that the future of technology bloccano and messengers in this are no exception. At this point, ADAMANT can be considered a pioneer in this direction, because he is the only messenger that operates entirely on the blockchain, unlike alternative instant messengers that use the blockchain only partially for any particular purpose.

Independent blockchain and architecture

In the case of the messenger of ADAMANT use of blockchain Ethereum is not suitable, due to the relatively high cost of “gas” (the Commission) required to implement each transaction, including to transmit messages. In this regard, ADAMANT is built on the basis of its own independent blockchain that allows to significantly reduce the cost of messaging and adapt it depending on the future price of a token.

In addition, the technology Proof-of-Work is not also used in the framework of the project, due to the high cost of maintaining infrastructure, and with the increase in transaction fees as you increase the number of participants. Consequently, to implement the server part (the blockchain) is used to code the project Lisk, which was expanded to provide the needed functionality.

Messenger ADAMANT has a fairly adaptive architecture that allows changes in the price of transaction fees, if necessary. The project is also distinguished by a decentralized system based on the algorithm with delegated proof of stake (DPoS) that allows you to securely confirm the transaction for 5 seconds (critical time to implement fast message passing). Through the use of DPoS also reduces the cost of maintaining the system, as compared to PoW, it does not require computing power and electricity consumption. The use of DPoS makes the system ADAMANT highly scalable and reliable.

Current state of development of the ADAMANT and its competitive advantages

At this point, ADAMANT is a turnkey solution that presents as a progressive web app (PWA) for most browsers. Messenger is already working steadily on iOS 9+ and Android 5.0+ has a concise design that is quite functional and fully performs its tasks.

Due to the fact that in the framework of the messenger are the fees for transactions required to support the work of the network for free overview of the benefits of adamant to the user on the wallet is charged a certain amount of «opening» token.

Due to the existing comparative advantages of the project relative to other messengers, which are presented in the table of ADAMANT has already attracted the attention of the public. And the opportunities that will provide the ADAMANT, interested in various organizations. So, in the discussion of the present issues of corporate interaction between employees, and some companies expressed interest in building internal independent network on the basis of adamant.

About the conditions of passing krautsalat project ADAMANT

The creators are ADAMANT chose the mechanism of the ICO as a source of raising funds necessary for the completion of the messenger, its development and support. Soft cap of the project is $500,000, and hard cap — $30 000 000. The lower the budget threshold will ensure the development of the main functions of the messenger and support infrastructure and tools, it in excess, will accelerate development and to attract the maximum number of users.

14 December 2017 30 January 2018 ADAMANT pre sale of tokens, in which participants krautsalat offer the most favorable terms relative to the price of a token. Thus, during this period, the ADM token can be purchased for the price of 1 ADM = 0.001 ETH, whereas from the first phase of ICO cost of the token will increase from 0.002 to 0.005 ETH ETH. You can also receive bonuses for the number of purchased tokens and for supporting the project in social networks.

To view information about the project and to participate in crudele on the official website of adamant.

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