Another American sentenced after selling bitcoin to a police officer under cover

American police continue the hunt for «illegal» traders cryptocurrencies. A resident of the state Pennsylvania was sentenced to a year in jail for selling bitcoins for $ 1.5 million police agent undercover.

Anyone who wants to sell bitcoins in person with a stranger who may become the victim of a robbery. Such cases occur more often against the backdrop of increasing popularity and spread of cryptocurrency. However, a resident of Pennsylvania, instead of being robbed, was involved in a police investigation. After bitcoin sales agent of Federal agencies undercover, he was sentenced
to a year in prison.

The hapless salesman was 24-year-old Eldon Ross stone (Stone Eldon Ross), who after his arrest was charged with managing an unlicensed company that performs money transfers. From January 2015 to November 2016 it operated on exchanging bitcoin to cash and back, and did not report them to the authorities.

The investigation claimed that Ross had sold 1.5 million in bitcoin the secret service agent undercover. He was also found guilty of selling cryptocurrencies for $ 50,000 to agents of national security. The assistant U.S. attorney who opposed Ross said: «We often encounter such cases. This is the first such investigation in my memory».

Ross was found guilty and sentenced to a year and one day of imprisonment in a Federal prison. After his release, he will be under supervision for three years. According to the court, Ross must pay the state $ 40,000 that he earned commissions.

The reason that Ross was in such a situation is that it did not require any information confirming the identity of undercover agents, and that its activity was not licensed. Financial institutions, including cryptocurrency exchanges must report transactions worth more than $ 10,000 to the Ministry of Finance.

This rule was introduced to combat extortion, money laundering, terrorist financing and other illegal actions. Not in favor of Ross also played his criminal past. In 2014, he was convicted of heroin trafficking and sentenced to 23 months in Chester County prison.

Such an investigation occur more often. Recently, another U.S. citizen was caught
after the sale of bitcoins to the undercover agent and the Briton from Amsterdam will soon appear
trial on charges of laundering 11.5 million euros in bitcoin.

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