App Store banned apps for direct mining of cryptocurrencies

After updating the manuals for the App Store, Apple has banned the creation and development of iOS applications that can be used to directly cryptocurrency mining. While applications for cloud mining this prohibition does not apply.

Despite the fact that official information about when the update guides for developers no, Apple has made it clear that the company aims to prohibit applications for cryptocurrency mining. In the updated recommendations Apple notes that any developer who wants to add your app in the App Store, should refrain from creating software that runs unrelated background processes:

«2.4.2 Create applications that efficiently use the capacity of the device. Applications should not quickly drain the battery, cause excessive heat or to provoke unnecessary load on device resources. The application, including any third-party ads displayed in them, should not trigger unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining».

In the other recommendations section of Apple’s App Store noted that applications for cryptocurrency mining can get to the store only if the process is performed by means of cloud mining:

«(ii) mining: applications can mine cryptocurrency, if the processes are not performed on devices (e.g. on platforms for cloud mining)».

Cloud mining gives the user the ability to use the advantages of collective computing power that is typically available from the data centers. All you need in this case is a device for communication.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process that requires a lot of computational power. It can cause excessive heating of the device and seriously load it with resources — this is what Apple wants to avoid.

This update attempts to stop the growing problems associated with «telephone cryptogamia». Cryptogenic is becoming ever more popular phenomenon, when cybercriminals use scripts or applications to «steal» computing power devices for cryptocurrency mining. Previously, the hackers have made a choice in favor of extortion, simply blocking the data on the victim’s computer and demanding a ransom in bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. Now, however, they prefer to infect sites with scripts that use the users ‘ devices to mine cryptocurrency in favor of the attackers. Not so long ago, hackers have infected more than 300 websites on Drupal scripts for covert mining Monero.

It is also worth noting that the update of the guide for Apple developers aimed not only to prosecute applications for kriptomayning, but other apps that quickly drain the device battery. That is not to say that Apple has started an open war against the cryptocurrency industry. Leadership allows you to develop and add applications that make it easy to store cryptocurrency, transactions, and initial placement of tokens (ICO) if they comply with the regulations.

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