Apple implements the Protocol Interledger Ripple from its payment system

Apple introduced the technology Payment Request API for making payments in the mobile payments system Apple Pay with Protocol Interledger from Ripple. Technology will be used in Safari on macOS 11.1 and Safari on iOS 11.1.

According to Apple representatives, the team is trying to make Apple Pay widely used payment system. However, an overall lack of support a variety of payment methods causes difficulties in this area.

Technology Payment request API supports different ways of making payments in multiple browsers using standard APIs, significantly simplifying this process.

«The Ripple Protocol will allow you to transfer funds between users with the appropriate addresses, two-factor authentication and electronic signatures. Interledger will also allow you to pay for goods and services with cryptocurrency, that will eliminate the risk of mediation errors» – the company said.

The news that a giant like Apple will use the technology Ripple contributed to the rise in the price of XRP, which, according to CoinMarketCap, has risen to third place and is trading at $0,484521. The average market value of the Ripple increased by 9% over the past two days, and the total capitalization of almost $1.5 billion.

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