Apple patents a blockchain-based platform for creating and verifying time stamps

According to the application, published on the website of the office for patents and trademarks U.S., Apple intends to patent the use of the blockchain in the system to create and verify timestamps.

The system is able to certify the timestamps, combining aspects of the technology of the blockchain with the tools public key infrastructure (PKI).

The proposed use involves the binding of the information to a specific transaction on the blockchain and the establishment of the state of these data at a specific point in time. When changing this information may create additional detailing data changes of a transaction.

Apple describes three possible methods of creating a timestamp, and one of them centered around the blockchain platform.

The system will generate a block containing a timestamp, and each subsequent block added as miners verify each transaction. Apple calls the system «architecture with multiple inspections,» which means that a different system will check the timestamp after creating the block, but before it is added to the chain.

According to the application, Apple will consider the possibility of using the blockchain for decentralized functions of security, because it is able not only to maintain the timestamps, but also to protect data in case of hacking one of the nodes.

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