Appointed the first head of the blockchain of Ethereum Alliance Enterprise consortium

This Wednesday was appointed the first head of the consortium Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). Yesterday blockchain consortium announced that Ron Resnick (Ron Resnick), formerly head of the AirFuel Alliance, became CEO of the Alliance. According to a press release, Julio Faura (Julio Faura), Chairman of the Board of Directors of the EEA, said:

«The challenge Ron as our first CEO to expand the organization to interact with its members, and promote the further development of technical areas of work… Ron has the necessary experience for the management of the EEA during this period of rapid growth and expansion.»

Resnick for more than 25 years of experience in the development of technical, financial and business areas for different companies. Before he became head of the Air Fuel Alliance, Resnick also was a senior Executive at Intel and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the industry Association WiMax Forum.

Speaking about his new role in the EEA, Resnick said: «I’m focused on how to promote the further development of advanced solutions based on Ethereum, open standards and reference architectures open source to transform the technology in Ethereum corporate level.»

One of the first activities in which Resnick will participate as head of the EEA, will be the world economic forum in Switzerland, which will be held on January 23. For the last three months for EEA joined more than 50 companies, including Hewlett Packard, Australian Association of digital Commerce and Sberbank.

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