Arizona legalized storing data in the blockchain

Company Arizona can now store and share data in the blockchain – the Governor of the state signed the law, which came into force.

The bill, introduced by Deputy Jeff Winninger (Jeff Weninger), amends the revised code of laws of Arizona, recognizing the legal validity of the data recorded and stored in systems using the technology of the blockchain. April 3 this law was signed by Governor Doug Dusi (Doug Ducey).

The house of representatives of Arizona adopted the bill after 8 days after it was submitted for consideration, and the state Senate – a month later. The Senate unanimously supported the adoption of the law, whereas in the House of representatives were those who voted against or abstained.

The law was passed a year after Arizona signature in the blockchain and the use of «smart contracts» was officially recognized
legally binding. The bill was also signed by the Governor Dusi.

A new law was adopted against the background of increased interest in blockchain-based applications in the governments of the United States.

In July of 2017 in the state of Delaware was adopted
amendments to the law that allow stock trading in the blockchain. They became part of another series of amendments that gave the legal force of entries in the blockchain. A similar bill
was introduced in Florida earlier this year – in the case of adoption, the blockchain and smart contracts will be legally recognized methods of storing and processing data.

In addition, at the end of last year, lawmakers in new York proposed
four bills in an attempt to push research in the field of the possible applications of the blockchain by the state government.

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