Art on the blockchain: an art project CryptoShark for 4 months increased the cost in 10 times

25 December 2017 the blockchain was recorded on the transaction for the sale of the last of a series of paintings CryptoShark #8. Its cost was 1.31 BTC or 20 305 thousand dollars, at the exchange rate at the date of purchase amounted to 1 157 000.

The project CryptoShark #1-8 consists of 8 paintings by the artist Anastasia Kopytseva included version InArt of the top most attractive investment of the authors in the short-list of 37 young artists at the Russian Art Investment Rating 49ART. Series written by Anastasia Kopytseva «red sharks» quickly gained popularity, and in 4 months the cost of painting grew up exactly 10 times — from 120 thousand rubles up to 1200 000 RUB

«The culture of investing in art is peculiar to people not only rich, but who knows — says Anastasia Kopytseva generally art buyers are investing in different businesses and we do not doubt that among captainvalor there are collectors.»

Indeed, among the buyers of pictures from the CryptoShark had four collectors, the last of them, Sergey Th, bought the painting on 25 December.

Brand CryptoSharkProjects (CSHP) combines informal networking gathering the elite of the crypto community, presentation blockchain projects and scriptactive for the media, investors and art auction.

Party CryptoSharkParty Club and in 2017 most often held in a closed Moscow club «Room».

«We wanted to use the new tools in the development of modern art, they were scriptactive. Nobody expected that after six months the cost of painting will increase in ruble equivalent 10 times, CryptoSharkClub and CryptoSharkParty will be one of the most popular social events for the crypto community. We are pleased with the success and will continue to expand the boundaries further. We will attract scriptactive for the development of modern art. For six months we managed to create an art project CryptoShark #1-8, the capitalization of which is 14.846 BTC,» says producer Olga Dvoretskaya.

The plans for next year include the increase in the geography of the project, presentation of the VR gallery and the establishment of the art Fund.

Partner Christmas party December 25 was made by the project BeEasy and its founder Alexander Bespalov.

Next party CryptoSharkParty will be held in Moscow on 4 February.

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