Artemine: Decentralized Genesis Addresses Trading and Public Mining

Let us start with the basics. The Genesis Addresses are addresses that deal with the aspect of the formation of the preliminary supply of a cryptocurrency, in this case, it is Artemine. Importantly, these addresses have been credited with some amount of coins, which may be self-mined within a specific period. The accessibility or availability of these coins on each Genesis Addresses is computed using a mathematical formula. This formula isn’t complicated because it has been incorporated or built-in within the transfer functions of the smart contract. The primary function of the formula is to hinder or prevent a user from making the transfer of funds that exceed the allowable amount.

Genesis Addresses has its benefits; however, there are certain limitations that one has to consider, which includes:

  • When the Genesis Addresses are generated in the course of crowd sale, there will not be room for generation of additional Genesis Addresses.
  • Genesis Addresses cannot accept ARTE
  • You cannot do Public Mining if it involves Genesis Addresses.
  • Genesis Addresses can be transferred and traded.

Note: It is important to note that the other ARTE addresses are not influenced by the limitations of the Genesis Addresses listed above.

How to Trade or Buy ARTE

  • Artemine isn’t available for exchange but soon will be added.
  • Currently, Artemine (ARTE) is obtainable for trading using a temporary market. You can access this market on Etherdelta via

How to Buy Genesis Addresses

  • Currently, the Genesis Address Trading website is being built but users have access to trading Genesis Addresses through this thread:


How does Public Mining works

You can use the PublicMine function in the Artemine smart contract function. This function enables you to mine coins. You cannot use this function for Genesis Addresses. To give you a clearer picture, the example below will demonstrate how you can do public mining using MyEtherWallet manually. However, if you want to make use of an automatic public mining, it is better to use “geth”

Steps to Public Mining

  • Go to this website:
  • Then click on the “Contracts” tab
  • In the next page that opens, on the “Interact with Contract”, input the following information:
    Smart Contract Address: 0x5f6e7fb7fe92ea7822472bb0e8f1be60d6a4ea50
  • You will see the “Access Button” click on it.
  • Select the “PublicMine” function from the drop-down menu
  • Unlock your wallet
  • Click on the “Write” button. The “Amount to Send” field should be left with zero, then put 500000 Gas Limit and send the transaction.
  • To confirm if the transaction was successful, go to the transaction area to check. This should highlight the transfer of the amount to the address you sent.

Note: Genesis Addresses cannot mine


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