As a result of hacking of the exchange Coincheck stolen NEM $530 million

As reported by Japanese source MineCC, manual cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has officially announced the hacking and theft of NEM tokens on 532 million dollars. While it remains unclear whether stolen other cryptocurrencies.

The developers of NEM and the community of developers of open source have confirmed that the hard forks to recover lost funds will not be. The President of the Foundation NEM LON Wong said that claims to the NEM should not be, and laid full responsibility for the incident on Coincheck.

After cracking Japan’s Coincheck exchange announced the suspension of a number of services including withdrawal of all crypto and Fiat currencies, including the Japanese yen. The suspension began when the stock exchange has disabled the ability to replenish the purse of cryptocurrency NEM, as she announced at 04:00 UTC. After 30 minutes, announced a ban on trading NEM, the output of this cryptocurrency, and then the withdrawal of all cryptocurrencies, and even Fiat currency.

However, on the day of the press conference Coincheck CEO said that the exchange will not be closed and will soon vosstanovit all operations. Plans to compensate users it is not voiced.

In addition, after some time has information about the theft of 101 265 057 XRP for $123.5 million. Thus, the total loss of the stock exchange amounted to approximately 655 million dollars at the exchange rate at the time of the robbery.

Hacking Coincheck today can be considered the largest robbery in the history of cryptocurrency in terms of the dollar. So, the collapse of the MtGox exchange in 2014 caused losses of about 480 million dollars (850 000 BTC), and hacking the Bitfinex in August 2016 — about 72 million dollars (120 000 BTC). On the other hand, you can take a different reference point. If, based on the exchange rate of bitcoin, the losses Coincheck amounted to little more than 60,000 BTC, ie half the losses on Bitfinex, not to mention MtGox.

Despite the claims of developers, the rate of the token NEM began to decline immediately after Coincheck has published its initial Declaration and at the time of publication fell by 15%. The XRP exchange rate fell by 9% to 1.20$

It should also be noted that Coincheck not registered with the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA). and plans to start this proceudre just now.

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