At the customs in Borispol withdrawn ASIC miners for 13 million UAH

At the customs post of the airport Borispol discovered a batch of ASIC miners for the amount of 13 million UAH

«Control of counteraction to customs offences and international cooperation of the Kyiv customs DFS in the framework of analytically-search activities revealed the scheme of illegal movement across the border of Ukraine a large consignment of devices for the mining of cryptocurrencies,» – said the press service of the Ministry.

Equipment – 200 devices worth about 13 million USD and a weight of 950 kg, was purchased in Hong Kong. It tried to move through customs border at a lower cost.

As a result of illegal transactions, the state budget of Ukraine could lose millions.

Opened an administrative case on violation of customs rules under article 483 of the Customs code of Ukraine. ASIC miners are withdrawn before trial.

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