Audi is testing blockchain in logistics

German carmaker Audi is testing the technology of the blockchain system for processing financial processes and movement of goods. With the new solution, Audi sought to improve the security and transparency of their global supply chains.

In 2016, after the successful test of the technology based on IBM Hyperledger Fabric, the company has released Proof-of-Concept (PoC) of its blockchain system. The positive reviews prompted Audi to make a decision about advancing the project beyond the PoC stage.

The research team, consisting of representatives of the various departments of production, logistics, it and Finance, exploring the use of technology in the implementation and documentation of international logistics processes, including financial settlement.

In addition, the team examines the various uses of the blockchain to enhance the security of data transmission, efficiency of supply chains, management of local energy networks and the management of digital objects.

According to the head of the financial Department of the Audi AD Alexander Ditmer, the potential of the blockchain will allow you to change various principles of industrial companies and to open completely new business opportunities. He also said that soon Audi will accept payment in cryptocurrency.

Other German automakers such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche also said about his own experiments with the technology of the blockchain. Mercedes Benz, a subsidiary of automotive group Daimler AG, launches its own cryptocurrency MobiCoin, it can help to reward drivers for eco-driving. Together with the Berlin startup XAIN, Porsche is studying the use of applications based on blockchain in their cars. BMW is also testing the blockchain to develop a system for tracking the production of cobalt used in the products of the company.

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