Australians will be able to buy BTC and ETH at newsstands

Australian cryptocurrency Bitcoin made it possible to purchase bitcoin and ether for Fiat in more than 1,200 newsstands across the country.

«The fact that you can now buy the cryptocurrency where usually buy soft drinks and stationery, says about the legitimacy of this industry. For those who did not dare to buy bitcoins, because it seemed too complicated — this is the perfect offer that allows you to invest in a cryptocurrency without fear,» – said the Executive Director of the Rupert Hackett.

According to him, buying at the kiosks, users need to register your personal e-wallet. At the time of purchase, the seller scans the QR code, and then transfers the appropriate amount of coins, the confirmation takes up to 20 minutes. The minimum purchase amount is 50 Australian dollars (about $39). The Commission is 5%.

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