Austrian utility Wien Energie, is testing a technology of the blockchain

Wien Energie, the largest electricity supplier in Austria, is testing a number of options for the use of the blockchain in anticipation of full deployment of services based on technology.

«We test the services based on blockchain in Vienna’s Viertel Zwei, and as soon as we have enough experience we will develop business models and bring them to market,» said
Reuters Director of innovation Wien Energie Astrid Schober (Schober Astrid).

These proposals can include stations for charging of electric vehicles connected with the help of technology and services in the field of land registration and in energy. Wien Energie had previously tested the technology of the blockchain in their trading operations, and Schober said that the company wants to keep up with technological progress.

«If technology eliminates the middlemen, this becomes a problem for us, so we are actively exploring other business models,» said Schober.

Wien Energie is also part of Enerchain, a consortium of European providers of such services who are testing out a new trading platform. As previously reported, the energy industry takes a keen interest in implementing the technology of the blockchain.

In late January, the U.S. Department of energy announced
partnership with blockchain startup BlockCypher to explore P2P exchange of power. Similarly, Shell, BP and other resource companies decided last year to support
the development of the trading platform based on blockchain.


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