Avito: the number of ads the sale of the equipment for mining is growing, the real deals are few

From the beginning, the number of ads on the sale of equipment for mining cryptocurrency increased by 62%, according to the representatives Internet site.

«Now on the website Avito nearly 14,000 listings for equipment for mining, and in January they were 23 000. The same was for the entire third quarter of 2017», – stated in a press release.

However, the demand for equipment for mining of crypto-currencies low: 23,000 ads on Avito in January, the deal was only in 1525, that is, 6.6% of cases. According to the platform «whirligig», the demand for AntMiner in January fell by 34%.

The growth of the proposals on the sale of equipment for mining associated with the bitcoin exchange rate, which in January was worth about $15,000, and in February briefly dipped below $6000.

Sellers post used the device for an average price of about 170 000 — 175 000 rubles, in January it was about 126 000 rubles, said the representative. According to the representative of the «ula», the average bid price for the sale of mining equipment in January grew and reached 214 000, while the number of transactions is reduced.

«With a low rate of bitcoin to buy mining equipment is growing, and the payback time is stretched, – the expert on cryptocurrency Timothy RA. – To the «secondary» equipment has worked for so long, it is necessary to understand its technical characteristics and to check its working condition upon purchase, and it is quite difficult. In the result, an inexperienced buyer can incorrectly calculate the return and to conclude a disadvantageous deal.»

According to the representative of Avito, the first farm to start mining was sold on the website in 2013, and in June of 2017 started the hype around this equipment when users searched for it in 14 times more often than in may.

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