B2Broker Announces the Launch of ICO, Platform Development to Continue

The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the recent days. An increase in user base and wide acceptance of Bitcoin as one of the mainstream financial assets by few nations has increased confidence in digital currencies among individuals and institutions alike. However, given the sheer number of cryptocurrencies out there in the market, there aren’t many platforms where one can gain access to all or most of them for investment and trading purposes. For institutional investors and financial organizations normally dealing with large volumes, it is hard to find adequate crypto-liquidity in the present market.

B2Broker has come up with a solution in the form of B2BX — an aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity, specifically for margin and exchange trading and for distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. With such a plan in place, it has become the first official B2B cryptocurrency marketplace. The platform is poised to capture at least 5% of the global Forex/DMA market and the stock brokers. Some of the potential clients of the platform include cryptocurrency exchange platforms, Forex/DMA and stock brokers, hedge funds and professional market participants.

The unique nature of the platform in present day market has already gained B2BX over 30 new customers, which is set to increase and hit 200 in the coming months. B2BX is in the process of adding a range of new features which are going to help the platform further strengthen its foothold in the market. The shift in trading practices is quite evident these days as many conventional online trading platforms have started to list Bitcoin as one of the supported financial assets. However, institutional investors and financial houses aren’t able to get themselves involved in cryptocurrencies due to lack of market regulations. With B2BX around, the issue could resolve itself as it complies with existing regulations by offering them physical delivery of cryptocurrency assets under existing frameworks. It also helps DMA traders by offering an option to open accounts for cryptocurrency transaction in supported fiat denominations.

Similarly, the platform has entered into partnerships with some of the leading players in the crypto-community to provide them with as much liquidity as possible. To do it, the platform will be gaining the necessary licenses from relevant authorities across geographies.

In order to make its mission to facilitate mainstream cryptocurrency adoption a reality, B2BX has opted for an ICO. The funds raised through the fundraising campaign will be put to use for development, raising liquidity and to gain necessary licenses. The ICO will offer an opportunity for the participants to purchase the platform’s native B2BX tokens. By the end of the crowdsale, B2Broker plans to sell 80% of the total tokens.

The team behind B2BX have an excellent track record since 2014. They started with white labeled MT4/MT5 platform and Traders Room for brokers. Following the first product, the company has never turned to look back. In 2015, the platform created a full-fledged cloud CRM for Brokers, launched PAMM/MAM/Social Trading in 2016, then B2BX in 2017. These new feature additions were complemented by the expansion of existing services by onboarding new partners in the form of liquidity providers and others.

B2BX has all the hallmarks of a highly successful offering over a long period of time, taking cryptocurrencies mainstream and promoting its usage over time.

More information about the platform is available on the website


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