B2BX: Finally A Solution to Cryptocurrency Market Problems

As much as the cryptocurrency market is the latest technological trend with many investors, and markets going to that direction, it comes with its own set of challenges. These challenges are there because of the nature of the market and the fact that it is based on the blockchain which is a decentralized platform.

The cryptocurrency market challenges have been a setback to the fast-growing industry and account for the reason why there is no global adoption of the market so far. Some of the challenges include Lack of market regulation, lack of liquidity, complex integration, and long compliance process among many others. Those impacted by these factors include banking and financial institutions and governments that are planning to make digital currencies legal.

Rise of the B2Broker and B2BX token

B2BX token is a solution to cryptocurrency market problems. It provides a platform for financial institutions and other financial players for trading. It goes the extra mile of providing physical delivery and ensuring liquidity to brokerage companies.

It is the first official B2B cryptocurrency platform that brings together at least 5% of the market of Forex/DMA and stockbrokers giving their clients an opportunity to do cryptocurrency trading. B2BX will act as a bridge that will bring together brokers, exchanges, and other financial institutions on one platform.

B2BX will solve the problem of market regulation since its exchange and financial regulators will control all its participants which consists mainly of institutional exchanges. B2BX will give its broker members a surety by giving a rating of brokers and acting as a guarantor of reliability to the customers.

B2BX will solve the problem of complex integration by using a single protocol to do aggregation and conversion of protocols from different exchanges. It will use the SoftFX aggregator which is already integrated with the 5 largest crypto-exchanges and uses the FIX API protocol for equal distribution of liquidity to other systems and aggregators.

Long compliance process will be solved by giving its members an opportunity to sign a contract and get a marginal account as well as three types of liquidity. Apart from cryptocurrency liquidity, B2BX will provide a market for cryptocurrencies as well as bring all brokers to one marketplace.

B2BX token ICO

B2BX is having an ICO to help it get resources for successful completion of the project. The ICO will aid in the development of its technical base, increase efficiency in the development of its software, bring together as many exchanges as possible on board, get money for a Japanese license to provide liquidity, as well as increase staff and world adoption of the service.

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