Bank Frick in Liechtenstein offers clients a direct investment in cryptocurrencies

Bank Frick became the first Liechtenstein financial Institute, which began offering its clients direct investments in the top five cryptocurrencies – BTC,BCH, ETH, LTC and XRP and services cold storage of crypto-currencies.

Founded in 1998, Bank Frick tends to stand out in a tiny European country, introducing investment and storage of cryptocurrency services that are in demand abroad.

«Our services are in demand by companies throughout Europe. We can offer them a reliable support in the implementation associated with the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology business models in accordance with the existing regulatory framework,» – said the Director for work with clients of Bank Frick, Hubert büchel.

Earlier, a similar service – an investment in cryptocurrency – offered Swiss banks Vontobel and Falcon Private Bank. Dutch Rabobank also intends to provide services of cold storage of crypto-currencies to cardholders.

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