Banks acquire shares blockchain startup SETL

The financial group Citi has gained share in the blockchain startup SETL. This event
there have been less than three weeks after French Bank Credit Agricole also became a minority shareholder of a startup. Among other investors SETL is already such companies as Computershare, Deloitte and credit organization S2iEM.

In SETL noted that Computershare increased its stake in a startup, and that its CEO, Stuart Irving (Irving Stuart) joins the Board of Directors of SETL. Representatives of the startup noticed that it «significantly increased the strength of the company».

«We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our shareholder register both new and existing partners, and agreed on the development of a number of income-generating projects,» said Peter Randall (Peter Randall), President of SETL.

The purpose of the startup is to facilitate the movement of funds and other assets between the two parties to control the blockchain, which is developed by the company. This, in turn, will facilitate the comparison of different types of transactions. The company was founded in 2015 top managers of the Finance industry, including Randall, who previously was President of the exchange, Chi-X.

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