Barclays is considering launching a trading platform for cryptocurrencies

Although major banks often respond quite skeptical about bitcoin in public, it turns out that they do not mind working in the industry and already making plans for the future. The latest example of such behavior was demonstrated by the Barclays Bank, which was reported to be conducting customer surveys on the possibility of launching a trading platform for cryptocurrency.

British banking giant Barclays, appears to be considering launching cryptocurrency trading platform. The company is trying to figure out is there a demand for this service among clients, including hedge funds and large investors, and whether they work in this field. This would make Barclays the first major Bank in London, who offered a similar service.

Although the Bank argued that the company still has no concrete plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform, sources reported that the firm has undertaken a preliminary assessment of demand and profitability.

«We constantly monitor developments in the digital cryptocurrency space and will continue the dialogue with our clients, figuring out their needs and desires associated with this market», — said the representative of the company Andrew Smith (Andrew Smith) in a statement to Bloomberg.

If Barclays will not face challenges from regulators, he should not have any problems with sufficient demand for such services, given the large number of hedge funds that went on stage during a sharp rise in the prices of cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Many of these funds needed a large partner approved by the regulators. The only major Bank that said
about such intentions, remains Goldman Sachs, although the Director General subsequently denied
rumors that the Bank creates a trading platform for cryptocurrency.

Barclays is not the first time becomes the object of attention of the cryptocurrency and blockchain media. In March of this year it became known that Coinbase has concluded
a partnership agreement with the Bank to access the interbank system Faster Payments Scheme, which provides faster transfers. And last autumn, Barclays joined the project Settlement Coin, which is designed to prepare Central banks to issue their own cryptocurrency, which is intended to facilitate transactions between international banks with solid security at a special blockchain.

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