Baroness Michelle Monet and businessman Doug Barrowman launched cryptocurrency Equi

Scottish Baroness Michelle Monet and businessman Doug Barrowman announced the launch of its cryptocurrency Equi on the basis of Еthereum, which aims to «inspire women to invest in technology.» Equi is now worth $0.50.

Baroness Monet, a member of the house of lords and founder of the Belgian company Ultimo, is planning to raise about $75 million through the ICO-investment blockchain platform Equi Capital.

Representatives of the platform note that the project will provide users the opportunity to collectively invest in companies that are in the cryptocurrency market available only to large investors and corporations.

Pre-sale tokens are scheduled for March 1. The minimum investment must be at least $100 thousand. Total issue size is expected to reach 250 million tokens, of which 35% is reserved for the founders.

This is not the first associated with the cryptocurrency, a joint project of Monet and Barrowman – last year they announced the sale of real estate in Dubai with bitcoin directly from the developer.

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