Bazista Introduces an Easy and Reliable E-Commerce Platform Based on Digital Assets

Bazista is one of the upcoming players in the cryptocurrency industry, poised to be a dominant player among the new market entrants. It provides an online platform for products trading, with cryptocurrencies and digital assets used to proceed payments. Usage of cryptocurrencies presents a whole range of advantages versus trading with fiat money, including cutting down time and financial costs like taxes and conversion fees, when trading between different countries.

At the same time users of the platform will benefit from professional service support, simple and intuitive UX design and navigation, built-in fiat/crypto exchange, smart contracts integration into the international and local logistics services and much more.

On the 16th of November Bazista will launch its Pre-Initial Coin (pre-ICO) offering, making 3% of the total BZS token amount available for sale with 45% bonus. The main round of the ICO will start on the 4th of December, providing 30% bonus for the first 3 days of the sale and gradually lowering it down as the sale goes on. During the crowdsale 1 ETH will be equal to 11 000 BZS tokens.

BZS tokens will be one of the digital assets that could be used on the platform to buy or sell things. However, it will present even more advantages for both buyers and sellers versus using other cryptocurrencies. For example, if you deposit over 48.000 tokens, you will be exempt from paying any operational fees at all.

Users of the platform will receive BZS tokens for inviting new users to the platform and for promoting their offers. Besides, every once in a while, Bazista will launch a discount sale campaign, offering popular products for reduced prices for their users. Finally, the platform will offer various additional services, like access to analytical dashboard and monthly deal packages.

The increased confidence in ICO has enabled blockchain entrepreneurs to raise more than $ through ICO offerings during 2017, which is more than companies could raise from venture capital during the same period. Obviously, the role of ICO as an instrument for attracting funds for new businesses has increased significantly. Bazista is a great project to invest in with clear business model and internal token economics, which will definitely result in a high demand for BZS tokens once they hit exchanges.

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