Belarus does not intend to use cryptocurrencies in the domestic turnover

Belarus considers the possibility of tolerance of crypto-currencies in domestic circulation, said Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov at the forum «Digital agenda in the era of globalization».

«We do not discuss the question of the admission of the cryptocurrencies in our domestic turnover, such a task is not put, – he said. So this transgenico global market and that particular country to think about what if she’s somewhere up in some areas, it would be her sole success, it is in principle impossible.»

According to Kobyakov, now in the sphere of development of digitization in the framework of the Eurasian economic Union of Belarus proposed to consider two initiatives: «the First is the integration of digital infrastructure of the EurAsEC countries, which involves not only the introduction of common standards, but also the overall management of physical infrastructure, the formation of a fully digital transport corridors in the direction East – West. The second associated with the transition from a coherent policy in the digital sphere to a common strategy of the countries-participants of the Union.»

Now, according to Kobyakov, instead of combining efforts, we are moving on a parallel course.

«We propose to create a common programme of digital transformation of the EurAsEC, and not at the level of General principles and approaches (they are clear) and with specific measures and deadlines for their implementation», – said the Prime Minister.

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