Best wallet has become the first hardware wallet that supports addresses Bech32

The maker of the popular hardware wallet best wallet announced
on the issue of firmware updates. Version 1.6.0 offers support for more tokens. It also implemented support addresses Bech32 instead of the usual format for P2SH.

Since the best wallet you will be the first hardware wallet that supports addresses Bech32, this innovation will help the company to reduce transaction costs and accelerate the release of a pool of unconfirmed transaction, especially if other wallet developers will follow suit.

Analysts believe that the firmware update best wallet is an important milestone in advancing the new address format — this purse was one of the first who fully supported addresses Bech32. Wallets support Segwit exist for a long time, but they always adhere to the format P2SH.

It was one of the arguments against developers in the debate about the block size. It is assumed that the addresses Bech32 take up less space than P2SH. The developer of Bitcoin Cash Amaury Sechet believes that addresses Bech32 will help to support future innovation.

For most members of the community safety is paramount, and the introduction addresses Bech32 puts it as a threat. In this theory, this address format is easier to relay and read. Earlier, in November of this year, Electrum 3.0 was
the first wallet supporting addresses Bech32.

In addition to supporting the new format addresses, best wallet also announced the addition of token Bitcoin Gold Expanse and Ubiq.

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