Billionaire Carl Icahn: cryptocurrency is just ridiculous

American investor and billionaire Carl Icahn (Carl Icahn) in an interview with CNBC called bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies «absurdity»:

«Maybe I don’t like cryptocurrency that’s only because I don’t understand them. How do you regulate it?, «said Icahn in an interview with «Fast Money Halftime Report», — «Maybe I’m too old, but I wouldn’t get into it.»

«Old guard» of wall Street have long been up in arms against bitcoin and Ikana opinion shared by other famous skeptics.

For example, Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of J. P. Morgan Chase, said that cryptocurrencies will not replace the dollar. However, he noted that the blockchain can be used for more efficient transactions. In addition, Dimon expressed regret that previously called bitcoin a fraud.

Around the same time, billionaire Warren Buffett (Warren Buffett) told CNBC that kleptomania won’t end well.

At last month’s world economic forum in Davos, many business leaders expressed his opinion on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, and regulators consider it a threat.

Icahn already expressed earlier in the direction of bitcoin and called it a «bubble». Earlier, Carl Icahn was the Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump for regulation, but resigned in August last year.

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