Binance will allocate $10 million to prevent hacker attacks

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is offering $10 million to combat hacker attacks in General and $250 thousand in particular for facilitating the capture of attackers who attempted to hack the stock exchange on 7 March. The award will be paid in tokens of exchange Binance Coin (BNB).

We will remind, on 7 March there was a sharp increase in trading activity associated with attempted burglary and phishing. The risk management system have prevented the problem.

«We need to secure the existence of the cryptocurrency community, and not just play defense. We need to actively prevent any break-ins before they start, and react after. Despite the fact that the attempted break-in Binance March 7 was not a success, it is clear that this large-scale, organized action. It is necessary to find out until the end,» said the team exchange.

According to representatives of stock exchanges, Binance also invited other exchanges and crypto-currency company to join the initiative to prevent hacker attacks – cryptocurrency Fund in the amount of $10 million.

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