Bitcoin has set a new maximum above $11 800

As expected, bitcoin is quickly won back its position and even set a new high at 11 $ 845. It was promoted as the official news that US regulators have allowed the exchanges to sell options and futures on bitcoin, and rumors that the Nasdaq also plans to launch futures on bitcoin next year. Later this rumor was disproved, but his influence managed to show.

Now bitcoin continues to trade near the borders of a new frontier of 12,000 dollars, and most likely with the beginning of the week, he this level will take place. At least there is no serious reasons that would prevent it.

Capitalization of bitcoin is very close to the mark of $ 200 billion and the total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies exceeded $350 billion.

According to the report, Bank for international settlements, bitcoin became the sixth currency in the world cash circulation, which is ahead of only five currencies: dollar, Euro, yuan, yen and rupee. Bitcoin ahead of the pound, the ruble and the Korean won.

At a price of 15,000 dollars, bitcoin will surpass the turnover of the Indian rupee. Other four currencies — the yen, the yuan, the Euro and the dollar, while much higher than bitcoin in volume of cash circulation. For example, for the dollar, the figure is 1.4 trillion.

Other cryptocurrencies far behind, for example, the air occupies the 17th place in the ranking, BCash – 20, Ripple fell outside the top twenty, but still ahead of the treatment of the Swedish Krona and Rand South Africa.

On the one hand, it is strange to compare the originally «non-cash» bitcoin with cash, excluding all non-cash money supply of traditional currency. On the other — it is interesting that cryptohalite generally included in this calculation.

Partner at venture capital company Union Square Ventures albert Wenger (Albert Wenger) said in an interview with CNBC that the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies will have reached trillions of dollars.

Wenger believes that the current $350 billion total capitalization of cryptocurrencies is the beginning of a long journey. Comparing charts of cryptocurrencies and of course Amazon’s stock, he noticed that the giant online retailers was the rise and big fall. However, they both look like “in General, upward curve”.

“I think that is the path to a future where cryptocurrencies in General will cost trillions of dollars. Thus, I believe that this is a good evolution for crypto-currencies,” — said Wenger.

Answering the question about a possible “bubble” in the cryptocurrency market, he noted that, in the long run it will benefit because it will clear the space for investors. However, the “bubble” is characterized by the fact that at some point there is a “reset”, but for the cryptocurrency market have a Wenger that is certain.

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