Bitcoin mania absorbs more and more companies

A major American Playground private electronic ads Craigslist added the ability for sellers to receive payment for their goods or services in bitcoin.

The user of the website Reddit noticed that now, any member site that sells the doll collection, a hanger or having obscenely expensive massage services that may indicate that as payment he wants to cryptocurrency.

Craigslist joined a large number of companies such as Overstock, Tesla, Newegg, Microsoft, and Virgin Galactic that have added cryptocurrencies as means of payment.

Three weeks ago, the founder of the site credit card Square, Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) wrote in his Twitter that they are exploring the possibility of adding bitcoin to its platform:

«… We found that customers are interested in using the App Cash to buy bitcoin,» — said in a statement.

«We are studying as Square can make the cryptocurrency more quick and easy, and provide this function for a small number of customers Cash App. We believe that cryptocurrency can greatly affect the ability of people to participate in the global financial system».

Big news — looks like Square is adding a function to buy and sell BTC… the herd is coming #bitcoin

— Michael Novogratz (@novogratz) 15 Nov 2017.

In addition, the world’s largest online seller of gold Apmex said that now accepts bitcoins.

«For over 15 years, APMEX is a leader in the industry, including ways of adapting to the growing needs of our customers. As bitcoin becomes more popular and widely recognized method of payment, we are very pleased to welcome the use of cryptocurrency for the purchase of gold, silver and other precious metals on our website,» — said in a statement.

It will be interesting to see how buyers and sellers will start to use the cryptocurrency, if the wild intraday volatility will continue, as things like bitcoin, ether, and now cryptococci are not only a medium of exchange, but also short and extremely aggressive investment.

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