Bitcoin rose above 1 000 000 and 16 000 dollars

Bitcoin continues to stamp records with incredible speed. Only this morning we wrote about the growth of $5000 for a week, but by the evening this figure can be increased already to $7 000. The growth of bitcoin is so accelerated that in the average reached 16 000, this is almost 100% growth not even a month, and in just two weeks.

Exchanges Bitstamp and Bitfinex stopped short of the $16 000, but on Coinbase because of the small depth of glass for sale happened a short hop to $19 340.

Moreover, if you look at couples in rubles, some exchanges have already reported that have passed the mark of 1 million rubles — for example, it happened at Exmo. And LocalBitcoins don’t hesitate to ask for 1 BTC is already 1.1-1.2 million.

Bitcoin price at beginning of the year was «pathetic» for 1,000 dollars. therefore, we have more than 15-fold increase in just 11 months. Since the start of December, the price increased almost 2 times — from 9000 to 16000 (on the Asian exchanges, the price already reach 20 000 in Zimbabwe, this line is already long gone and there is the price of bitcoin is already over 26,000 dollars). The total capitalization of the cryptocurrencies were over $400 billion.

Any events that moved the price – no. Most likely, this impulse asked news about the futures of bitcoin and heated he is an ordinary speculative traders ‘ sentiments. Possible, to 10 December (the day when the futures will be traded on CBOE) we will only increase the expectations. After the start of the battle of optimists and skeptics, and those who will win — will determine not only short-term price of bitcoin, but its trend for quite a long time.

At the time of publication began a fairly significant pullback, accompanied by high trading volumes, bitcoin is trading between $14 500 $15 000. Now it is unclear whether to continue the correction, or will be replaced by the next wave of growth.

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