Bitcoin Russia 2018 — Global Blockchain and Fintech Forum on 21 February in Moscow

The first decentralized platform HOQU gathers speakers of world level in Moscow, to share knowledge and latest trends in the field of FINTECH, ICO and legal regulation in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

Only here, on February 21, you will learn what is bitcoin, you will hear about the basic fundamentals of the Blockchain technology and Fintech sector. Immerse yourself in a world of complex financial products and digital assets of the future, speakers at the world level, possessing good information, tell you all the news of the blockchain, mining and the peculiarities of the Russian legislation in this sphere. On our forum you will learn how to hold ICO in 2018, from those who have gone this way the first in Russia.

You are waiting for the eminent experts of the sphere of FINTECH, success stories, the atmosphere of drive and positive, new friends, useful contacts and many more surprises from the organizers of the forum. An event of this level for the first time in our country!

Throughout the day, will be special guests. You will meet world-class leaders who come from USA, to share unique information with the participants. Each of the speakers of our forum it is not just the speaker, and the person affecting the blockchain culture as a whole. It will be interesting, tough and very informative.

Also during the day there are 3 main blocks for discussion at the panel discussions:

  • Regulation. The world of practice.

  • Mining.

  • ICO.

  • In each of these blocks will be represented by professionals that are somehow associated with the legal component of the different ICO. How to choose jurisdiction? What is yutiliti and security token? How and where to register a company? What is the legal status of bitcoin in Russia? Discuss will be interesting. Among the experts in the Legal field are:

    Hope Harsh(Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma on the digital economy and the blockchain technology, Director of the Institute of governance and socio — economic design of the «Russian economic University. G. V. Plekhanova», PhD),

    • Maria Agranovskaya (Managing partner of the Bar Association GRAD)

    • Ekaterina Znamenskaya (Senior lawyer, «Nektorov, Saveliev and partners»)

    • Maxim Pervunyn (Managing partner of TFH Russia, a Lawyer. Expert in international tax and corporate law.)

    • Timur Adushkin (Head of Trading Operations, Xena Exchange)

    • Artem Chestnov ( the Blockchain Evangelist, led a records management and legal advice on a number of major ICO)

    The block mining will be represented by existing entrepreneurs and professionals. Let us examine a lot of questions, starting with where to take equipment how to set it up, which is better mine, to complex technical questions about industrial mining?

    • Dmitry Marinichev (the Internet Ombudsman, Director General of the company «Radius group», the Founder of Russian Mining Coin ). Company Dmitry has attracted more than $ 50 million in the initial public offering tokens.

    • Stepan Gershuni ( Managing partner of the New Mining Company). One of the strongest professionals in the Russian market of cryptocurrencies. Regular participation in programs on channel RBC.

    • Vitaly Cheremenskogo (General Director of «Peace, Labor, mining»)

    • Daniel Sakamaki (head of the mining company BitBaza)

    The final unit will be ICO. Members of this panel are people who have successfully spent Token Sale and is now working on the product. According to the degree of concentration of professionals it will be one of the strongest events because you will be able to hear real cases, ask questions and re-hear their story of success to which the participants went through all the obstacles.

    • Roman Kaufmann (DOOR OPENER, Co-founder HOQU, Co-founder IBCG)

    • Alexander Doinikov (HOQU COO and Co-founder) Hoqu — 15 million $

    • Sergey Simanovsky (CEO Golos Fund) Golos — 600+ BTC in 2016.

    • Yury Gugnin (Founder, Karma) — Karma — $ 10 million

    • Anatoly Radchenko (Managing partner United Traders) United Traders — 30+ million $

    • Anton Jackowski (co-Founder, Chief Investment officer, AMM Token Distribution Company Ltd) Micro Money — 8+ million$

    • Oleg Ivanov (co-Founder and CEO CryptoBazar Fund, InvestBazar Fund) Cryptobazar assets 20+ million $

    • Alexander Pavlov (soo, SONM) SONM — 42 million$

    • Anatoly Poyedintsev (Co-founder and head of the analysis Department, ICORating)

    • Gleb Markov (Co-Founder/COO Crypterium) Crypterium — 50+ million$

    It is worth noting the projects that are likely to quickly close your Hard Cap in the future to join the list of successful startups.

    • Ilya Yashin (co-Founder and CEO Adrenta World and Wi-Fi.)

    • Denis Poluliakhov(Co-founder MARK.SPACE platform, CARBYN BlockChain Founder Group, CCO «Moda Mark», Co-founder Sunberg)

    • Alexander Bespalov (Co-founder BeEasy)

    • Sergey Skabelkin (Head of Business Development, Playhall)

    • Artem Borodin (CEO BoatPilot)

    • Alexander Bychkov (Co-Founder Of Bananacoin)

    The forum will bring together more than 1,000 participants in one of the landmark events in Moscow, Russia 2018 Bitcoin / Blockchain and Fintech Global Forum). The evening will continue at the after-party at one of the best places of Moscow city, the entrance is strictly limited, hurry up to buy your vip ticket and personally interact with all speakers and investors.

    P/s nowadays communication solves everything. Great networking gives a very strong potential and push the development of any business, so you decide to take in the sights professionals, or to continue to listen to friends or unknown people with no experience.

    Read more information and buy tickets on the website

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