Bitfinex denies involvement in money laundering in Poland

According to representatives of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, was carried out an internal audit in which the information about the involvement of the exchange to money laundering have not been confirmed.

As shown by an internal investigation, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex have not found any connection between their operations and two dummy companies registered in Poland, which had been charged with fraud by the Belgian government and money laundering for Colombian drug cartels.

«Examining and analyzing all the facts and all available information, we came to the conclusion that all these accusations were unjust and unfounded. In addition, none of the jurisdictions the company has not been the subject of a formal investigation on the basis of the charges contained in the Polish media,» – said in a statement Bitfinex.

«This confirms the fact that there was no legal grounds for taking any measures in relation to the Bitfinex platform,» emphasizes the company.

In addition, there were no problems with user access to their accounts or funds, by reason of any action on the part of law enforcement.

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