Bitfinex restore operation after a technical failure or DDoS attack

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex resumed work after a DDoS attack by hackers on your site. Updates log for incidents of exchange confirm that the attack lasted for about two hours on 5 June. In the latest update published by the representatives of the site said that the attack was over, and the market «back to normal».

In the analysis of the incident, the representatives of Bitfinex acknowledged that hackers used the situation of forced idleness in the work area, which was associated with «infrastructure problems». Attackers launched a DDoS attack as soon as the developers launched the service. In another update log noted incidents:

«The cause of the problems in the market were identified. DDoS-attack was launched shortly after the resumption of the site. The previous output Bitfinex failure was caused by problems with one of our infrastructure providers. Due to the fact that the attack was carried out at the time when the platform was resumed, the load on the servers was excessive, and caused it to fail».

Bitfinex had been subjected to attacks as any other large facility. However, not all of them have to end happily, as the incident on 5 June. In 2016 as a result of hacking the stock exchange lost about 119 756 BTC – at the then exchange rate of about $72 million dollars. As a result of hacking, and the lack of consensus among developers of Bitcoin, the price of cryptocurrency for a few days fell
more than $200 around the market – almost a third of the cost of bitcoin at the time. Shortly after the hacking was reported that the FBI is investigating
the break-in, according to one of the affected users.

The end of last year was also marked by the site of the black bar. DDoS-attack on the stock exchange was provoked by the fall in the value of some altcoins. In addition, there is reliable information that Bitfinex is the main owner of the project and Tether token USDT, which under assumptions of experts if is not a pyramid, it might soon face
with serious regulatory issues. In addition, recently the site has raised the IRE of users that will begin
to provide regulators with tax information.

Despite the fact that the latest attack on the exchange was no big loss to users, some traders still did not fail to Express their dissatisfaction in social networks in connection with the situation.

The largest hacking site in the cryptocurrency this year remains attack
Japanese exchange Coincheck, which was stolen NEM $530 million. Experts suggest that the hackers took about four months to clean up most of the stolen coins through the site darknet.

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