Bitfinex team sues user Bitfinex’ed

Bitfinex, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange momentum with a daily trading volume of 657 million dollars, plans to file a lawsuit against his critics who in recent months have raised suspicions of «grey» schemes of work of the exchange, as well as the insufficient security tokens Tether whose primary owner is a company iFinex operator Bitfinex. In a statement, the lawyer of the company Bitfinex Stuart Hegner (Stuart Hoegner) spoke about the exchange’s decision to cooperate with the law firm Steptoe&Johnson, aimed to challenge the «villains» in space that allegedly provided «false information» in order to «excite the cryptocurrency environment.»

«Today, every statement made by these rascals is false and was made simply in order to thrill the cryptocurrency environment. The result Bitfinex decided to take advantage of their legal rights and remedies against the instigator and its partners,» said

Bitfinex against Bitfinex’ed

Bitfinex and its legal team chose not to call a person «villains», where the company is going to sue. However, the head of public relations of the company Torossian Ronn (Ronn Torossian) said in a statement that the community would soon know with whom the exchange will sue.

«I think you can understand you are talking about,» said Torossian. Bitfinex also stressed that such criticism as the user Bitfinex’ed who put forward various charges against the exchange, behave dishonestly and illegally and can be charged with market manipulation.

5 Dec user Bitfinex’ed published in his Twitter account an appeal to the community to help him raise funds for the protection of the court against the exchange. He said:

«I officially collect donations to protection from groundless lawsuits Bitfinex. Instead of demonstrate the actual numbers, they decided to silence me».

Six hours after publishing the tweet, Bitfinex’ed received 1 BTC as donations that now is equivalent to $ 12,500.

«Whoever sent me 1 BTC, thank you. Funds sent to my address will only be used to cover the legal costs,» writes Bitfinex’ed.

What the experts say

Charlie Lee, Creator Litecoin, assesses the situation with the Tether and Bitfinex as contradictory. Lee recommended that the development team Bitfinex and Tether
to provide evidence that each Tether is supported by the reserve in dollars and arrange an independent audit.

«There are certain concerns that recent price growth has helped release USDT (Tether), which was not supported by a dollar in a Bank account. I urge Bitfinex and Tether to organize an independent audit to confirm the existence of reserves. Please do everything as it should be. Thank you,» said Lee.

Given that Bitfinex is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world market and the recent uncertainty with Tether had a negative impact on the reputation of Bitfinex, industry leaders such as Lee, said that an independent verification to confirm the solvency of the Tether would be beneficial both for the company and for the entire cryptocurrency community in the long term.

Note that the owner of Cryptsy Paul Vernon for a few months before the collapse of the exchanges threatened to sue the «detractors».

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