Bitfury Group opens Russian office

International multi-blockchain company Bitfury Group has announced the opening of the Russian representation. The new office engaged in the sale and implementation of products and Exonum Crystal in Russian companies and government agencies, as well as creating and launching pilot projects.

The office will be in Moscow. It will coordinate the work with Russian partners. The office will focus on sales of two main products of the company platform to create a private blockchain solutions to corporations and government agencies Exonum and unique software solutions for analyzing bitcoin transactions Crystal. In addition, the office will implement pilot projects with Russian partners Bitfury Group. The General Director of the Russian representative office was Dmitry Ufaev. He previously held the position of curator for IT, and the adviser of the head of Department of transport of the Government of Moscow, was one of the co-founders of the project Biglion, has launched a number of successful projects in Silicon Valley, was head of the hosting and domain business of RBC, and before that created the Internet and intranet systems for companies from the list of Top 500 and government.

Founder and CEO of Bitfury Group Valery Vavilov:

«The blockchain technology fundamentally changes many aspects of our society and is probably one of the most important invention since the Internet. Russia now has huge potential to become number one in the world in terms of the implementation of blockchain technology. The decision of the Bitfury Group to open the Russian representative office confirms our commitment to creating a blockchain-solutions for Russian clients».

Bitfury CEO Group Russia Dmitry Ufaev:

«I have the honour of heading the Russian representation of one of the largest and leading international blockchain-companies Bitfury Group. Confident that the opening of representative offices in Russia will allow to quickly and efficiently tailor our unique solutions to the needs of Russian clients, in order for the enterprises to become more safe and efficient.»

Russia became the 17th country where Bitfury Group has opened a representative office. The company’s offices with the headquarters in Amsterdam are the USA, England, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Ukraine. The company is focused on implementing blockchain solutions in different business areas: insurance, medicine, public registries, e-government, registration of real estate rights, contracts of shared construction, purchase and sale, financial and banking, legal documents, wherever important resistance information. In 2016, together with the government of Georgia was implemented and launched the project on registration of rights of ownership of the property on the blockchain. Russia has already launched a pilot project to Rosreestr together with VEB, and expected soon a few such partnerships.

Now the Russian office is actively recruiting workers. It will be sales managers, project managers, analysts and developers. The Department of developers will help the introduction of products Bitfury Group Russian corporations and agencies, and to implement pilot projects with partners.

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